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Here’s a common scenario. Imagine you are coming home from school, work, or for most people now, their work-at-home laptop, and you feel tired, sluggish, and all of the above in negative adjectives.

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I’m Maddox.

I recently turned 19, quit my job working at Chick-Fil-A, and I began working remotely for PandaDoc, an SAS (Software As a Service) company.

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Humans are quite good at destroying themselves. That’s why it’s amazing I’ve made it this far.

For a long time, I was a victim of self-sabotage and I didn’t even recognize it. In my mind, I formulated all of these grand plans and goals. I wanted to be successful and happy. However, my mind held me back from creating progress. My motivation was drained, my brain was numb, and sleep became a hobby.

From a deep struggle with myself, I’ve picked up some mental tricks that should prevent you from enacting self-sabotage. …

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“The wind up here is strong,” Grant thought, as he reached for the next slippery rung on the ladder leading up to the next level of the building.

Grant was a skyscraper climber. It was highly illegal, but he loved it. He’s never been caught and he was gaining a lot of traction when he posted videos of himself doing it on social media. He was getting tens of thousands of views for each video. The feeling he got from those eyes on him made him feel higher than actually climbing the skyscrapers themselves.

Once Grant reached the next level…

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When I was younger I clearly remember worrying about what others thought of me. I was suffering because of my own internal fears. Ironically, the suffering I was experiencing was all self-inflicted.

I have since outgrown that mindset, but I still needlessly cause myself to suffer. I worry about my future, I get frustrated when something doesn’t go to plan, and when I decided to take a break from work, I suffer because I feel like I’m not being productive like I should.

These are all absurd thoughts that go on inside my head. …

Why is it that love comes to others so easily and not me? Where do I draw the line between love and friendship?

These are interesting, but difficult questions to answer. What exactly is love? Is it just a chemical reaction inside of our skull or is it a phenomenon that can’t be explained? Why is it that we fancy only certain people and not others? Why are we so awkward and shy around those we like?

Answering all of these questions would take ages. But, let’s go through how we might be able to reason our way to making…

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Have you ever thought about how you think? I just thought of this weird question, but it makes sense right?

It can be difficult to analyze our own motives and desires. But, with conscious effort, we can reach interesting milestones when combatting with our minds.

Internal Combat

I’ve noticed that when I want to buy fast food, these conflicting identities are fighting inside of my head. One tells me that I’ll buy fast food this one time and that it’ll be a reward for all of the hard work I’ve done.

My other, healthier identity, attempts to persuade me that I should…

I just finished the book Atomic Habits by James Clear today. Well, I actually read it in about half the time using Speechify. No, I’m not sponsoring them, I’m just a big fan.

Speechify is an app and browser extension that can read PDFs, articles, and just about any text you put into it. I predominantly use it on my phone.

I just started using it just over a week ago and it's been a fantastic way to get some reading in without having to sit down to read.

Here are the main points I picked up while listening to…

I’ve been thinking deeply lately about how we decide where we want to go in life.

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Currently, I’m at a fork in the road. I’m trying my best to decide what I want to do and where I want to go. I’m 19 years old and confused. Everything seems so interesting and enticing, but how do I choose where I want to go? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed to the point of stagnation. Like, I’m stuck. I’m afraid to make a mistake.

However, I think I’ve figured out the best way to get out of mental ruts like this.

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Self-education is a way of the future and a way of the past. Some of the greatest minds of past generations were self-taught. Ever heard of Leonardo DaVinci? He was a self-taught writer, sculptor, and musician. He also had vast experience working with many scientific subjects like astronomy and anatomy. Granted, he was a prodigal polymath, but why can’t we take what we know of good old Leo and turn him into a self-education role model?

I’ve used Leonardo DaVinci as a role model for my own self-education.

Here’s some stuff I’ve picked up from reading about how he studied…


I’m an aspiring entrepreneur & college skipper.

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